New "Fortified" Homes Take Secure Residential Construction to the Next Level

Security Building Group and the Institute for Business & Home Safety Partner to Build Disaster-Resistant Homes

Raleigh, North Carolina (September 4, 2002) -- Security Building Group of Raleigh and the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) are partnering to build a “Fortified…for safer living” homes in North Carolina.

Security Building Group uses cast-in-place removable form concrete construction methods. Cast-in-place concrete homes are uniquely disaster resistant, cost efficient, low maintenance and built to last for generations.

Together, Security Building Group and IBHS have defined “Fortified” home specifications to be incorporated into the construction of new cast-in-place removable form concrete homes.

“Security Building Group successfully built their flagship rock-solid residential homes in Raleigh in 2001 and now we’re going to the Carolina coast and will have a 12,000 sq. ft. show home under construction in Cary, NC this year,” said Dave Pfanmiller, partner of Security Building Group. “By partnering with IBHS, we are now providing even greater peace of mind to home buyers who value the security and cost savings of a disaster-resistant home built to endure for generations.”

Making it a “Fortified” home will satisfy buyers’ criteria for houses that are safe, secure and offer excellent investment protection. This combination of materials and techniques produces residences equipped to better resist a host of threats that can turn a dream home into a costly nightmare. The “Fortified” home construction method produces homes that are comfortable while being resistant against hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and floods.

IBHS is a national nonprofit organization that promotes disaster protection and safety awareness for homes and businesses. The group launched its award-winning “Fortified…for Safer Living” public education program in Florida in 2000.

“We chose to partner with Security Building Group on projects because they are an experienced leader with a great track record of building safe and solid homes for the future,” said Chuck Vance, IBHS Fortified Program Manager.

The Fortified…for Safer Living home program
“Fortified” construction features raise the homes’ overall safety above the minimum requirements set forth in building codes. The program gives builders and homeowners a set of criteria for additional upgrades that helps reduce the risk of damage from natural disasters. The home is inspected and certified upon completion as a “Fortified…for Safer Living” home.

The following “Fortified” features are part of these homes being built with Security Building Group:

  • Reinforced continuous piles elevate the home and critical utilities a minimum of two feet above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), ground-level walls and stairs
  • The home is connected from the peak of the roof to the foot of the reinforced piles to form a continuous load path capable of withstanding 130 mph winds
  • Windows, doors and other openings are properly flashed and protected by tested products that can withstand the impact of windborne debris without penetration of wind and water
  • Engineered roof truss system with an enhanced minimum 110 mph wind rated covering and a secondary moisture barrier, plus twice the required underlayment and a thicker plywood deck sheathing with a stronger holding nail and nailing pattern
  • Verification by a certified inspector that all required Fortified home products and materials are installed correctly in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications for “Fortified…for Safer Living” program specifications
  • The home and property is also verified to be a low risk hazard for exposure to wildfire

“Fortified…for Safer Living” features can be built into any home. For more information, call toll free 866-657-IBHS (4247) or visit For more information on Security Building Group and cast-in-place concrete construction contact Dave Pfanmiller at 919-782-6789.

About Security Building Group
Security Building Group, LLC (SBG) is a collaboration of experienced residential builders and concrete contractors in Raleigh whose mission is to build disaster-resistant homes in the North Carolina. SBG is committed to concrete construction not only for its safety and security qualities, but because it is an energy-efficient, quiet, and environmentally responsible way to build better homes.

About the Institute for Business & Home Safety
The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is an initiative of the insurance industry to reduce deaths, injuries, property damage, economic losses and human suffering caused by natural disasters.


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