New Concrete Alliance Promotes Solid Concrete Homes

Mt. Vernon, Iowa (December 2001) -- Concrete construction for safe and energy-efficient housing has perhaps its strongest spokesman ever with the recent formation of the Concrete Homes Council (CHC) based in Mount Vernon, Iowa. The alliance includes concrete industry systems providers, builders, developers, concrete contractors, and concrete industries, who advocate above-grade, cast-in-place concrete construction as the smartest, long-term, and quality alternative to traditional wood- and steel-framed homes.

Realizing the tremendous potential of concrete for building single- and multi-family homes and commercial projects, the Concrete Foundations Association™ of North America (CFA) is spearheading this national effort to advance the benefits of solid-concrete construction. The Concrete Homes Council is the alliance that hopes to take the industry to its highest level of performance yet - and its voice is being heard loud and clear.

DiVosta Homes, Inc., a division of Pulte Homes, is building attractive, affordable concrete homes in communities across South Florida. The rock solid construction provided by concrete gives these homes the strength to withstand fire and hurricane force winds while protecting against insects and wood rot. Because concrete has tremendous thermal storage capacity, these homes also stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than traditional wood housing.

Safe Haven Homes, LLC in Wisconsin is building safer and energy-efficient concrete homes in a region that is hard hit with tornadoes. And, Security Building Group, LLC in North Carolina is building disaster-resistant homes in the country's hurricane region. They have a number of projects planned in North and South Carolina coastal communities as well as a Parade Home in Raleigh in 2002. Both companies are committed to concrete construction not only for its safety and security qualities, but because it is energy efficient, quiet, and environmentally sound way to build. Concrete homes follow "green building" objectives and significantly conserve trees by reducing the need for lumber.

The Concrete Homes Council has begun to form alliances with developers, builders and contractors in a full-court press to build 100,000 above-grade, cast-in-place concrete homes over the next five years in one of three construction variations:

1. Concrete exterior walls only;
2. Both interior and exterior concrete walls; or
3. Complete concrete exterior, interior and ceiling/floor construction (the most secure built home).

"In order to reach this goal and promote solid concrete construction throughout the country, the CHC will act as a catalyst to bring builders, developers and concrete contractors together as allies in the planning and execution of above-grade, removable form concrete construction projects," says CFA Executive Director Ed Sauter. "These three key players should be visionary in their desire to build higher quality homes using cutting edge technology, and committed to completing a large-scale development together in a timely manner."

Because solid concrete homes require less maintenance and lower energy bills by 40 to 60%, they are a smart building solution for any project from apartments and condominiums, to single-family homes and high-rises. Since concrete homes can be built in countless different architectural styles with a wide range of low-maintenance features, the design flexibility is ideal both for large-scale residential or commercial developments.

Sponsors of the Concrete Homes Council include Durand Forms of Durand, M.I.; Outinord Universal of Miami, F.L.; and Precise Forms, Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc., and Western Forms, all in the Kansas City, M.O. area. PATH, Energy Star, Project Impact, FEMA, and the Portland Cement Association recognize CHC's construction methods.

The Council has launched an extensive marketing effort that includes a new logo, web site at, full-color brochure, and participation in upcoming trade shows including the World of Concrete in New Orleans, LA (January 9 - 12, 2002), and the International Builders' Show in Atlanta, GA (February 8 - 11, 2002).

For more information please contact the Concrete Homes Council at 319-895-0761 or

For further information, including electronic files and photography, is available from: Wendy Shannon, Shannon and Company 919-933-8026.


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